Ministry of Sound Speakers in Rumney, Cardiff for sale

Car parts

Listening to your tunes, or enjoying the radio with factory fit car speakers can become a somewhat mundane experience, lacking the subtlety of treble and bass notes and lacking the power to enjoy your music on the go. With summer coming, you want to experience your music, not just listen to it. The Ministry of Sound car speakers bring you unparalleled treble and bass response, with two speakers with 4 drivers in each (2 x 4 way speakers). This construction helps to drive a richer and deeper sound experience. With a peak rating of 350W, these speakers will blow factory fitted speakers out of the water, and let you sit back and enjoy your tunes as they were meant to be heard. Quality construction with a modern design, these speakers sound and look the part, whilst offering excellent value. Designed by pioneers in music, these speakers are designed to pack a punch and deliver the highest level audio experience. The silver grills and sleek red tweeters make these speakers stand out.